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Barbecue for Breakfast

Cathy Lea.
One of the most fun things to do on the road is to try new and different food. While traveling the Natchez Trace Parkway we took time to stop at the Loveless Cafe, a famous road food stop just outside of Nashville at the northern terminus of the Trace. We got there very early, but of course we brought our own waiting room with us in our RV so we just relaxed and waited for them to open.

They are famous for their wonderful biscuits, which indeed were the best I have ever eaten. We bought a bag of biscuit mix to take home and though they weren't quite as good as the ones we had at the restaurant they were still delicious.

The menu was filled with tempting choices, but as soon as I saw barbecue pork I knew I had to try it. I have never eaten barbecue for breakfast, but only because I have never seen it on the menu anywhere else. It was delicious, of course. Don't be afraid to try something different, it will make your travels even more memorable.

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