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Center Cut Bacon

Cathy Lea.
I like to follow America's Test Kitchen on TV. I also buy some of their cookbooks and other publications. One hint I got from them concerned center cut bacon. Center cut bacon costs a lot more per pound and I have always wondered whether or not it was worth the extra price. The ATK tests found that if they bought regular bacon (a quality brand, of course) and just cut off the fatty ends on each side they got the same quality center cut bacon for a much lower price per pound. I tried that and found the bacon turned out delicious and crispy. I cut off just the really fatty parts on each end and found that it fit in the pan much better. I also saw less curling at the ends.

Give it a try if you love bacon as much as I do. Another benefit is much less grease left over from the bacon that I find troublesome to clean up in my small RV.

Save the trimmed bits of fat in the freezer and use them to flavor other dishes. These can be used as flavor starters in soups, beans and gravies.

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