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Cheesy Spaghetti Stovetop Casserole

I had a little bit of spaghetti sauce left over, not enough for a real spaghetti dinner for two. So I just threw together some things that might go on a pizza and heated it through. Use your imagination. The melted cheese and mushrooms were moist enough to make up for the lack of sauce. This is also very flexible so almost any fresh, cooked or left over vegetable would work. If it works on a pizza, it works here without needing an oven.


 Macaroni, ziti, or other small thick pasta
 A single serving of spaghetti sauce, just a little bit
 1 small can of sliced mushrooms
 shredded melting cheese, whatever type you like
 a few leaves of fresh sliced basil
 cooked meatballs (optional)
 any favorite pizza topping (optional)


Boil the pasta in salt water until al dente (not quite soft all the way through). Drain and return to pot. Add the spaghetti sauce and mushrooms, heat through. The sauce should just barely (thinly) coat all of the pasta with little or no sauce left over in the bottom of the pan. Add cheese and stir until melted then serve with meatballs and sliced basil sprinkled on top.

Serves two nicely. Enjoy.

Serves: 2
Pasta Cheese Meatballs Stovetop

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