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Creamy Corn Soup

This is my quick version of corn masa soup using a sneaky way to get masa (dough made from corn) outside the south west. In just minutes I can turn a bunch of slightly past their prime corn tortillas into a hearty soup that sends my mouth to sunny south Florida even when the rest of me is stuck in the frozen north.

This is a very flexible recipe and works with almost any prepared corn dough product, like tortilla chips or taco shells, but they often bring extra salt and grease that is not needed in this recipe.


 1 cup corn tortillas (chopped very small) (more = thicker)
 2 cups water
 chicken bouillon (low sodium if possible)
 dry Mojo Seco (or tart citrus juice + pepper) to taste
 1 can corn (niblets or whole kernel) optional


Mix bouillon in water and bring to boil. Chop tortillas very small (smaller pieces cook faster) and add to water. Use more tortillas for a thicker soup. To prevent sticking stir constantly until tortilla pieces are gone and the soup is thickened. Reduce heat and add Mojo Seco with a complete can of corn. Stir until heated. Serve.

For extra flavor, toast the tortillas or heat them in a dry pan over medium high heat just until they start to turn light brown around the edges before chopping.

The Mojo Seco I use is a blend of salt, garlic, citrus (normally lime and orange) juice, onion, cumin and several kinds of pepper. Although it won't taste the same, a little lemon or lime juice with black pepper works too. A little citrus and pepper are important to make this taste bright and fresh.

Serves: ?
Corn_Tortillas Stovetop

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