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Developing Roadtrek Recipes at Home

Cathy Lea.
I develop most of my Roadtrek recipes at home. I look for one pot meal recipes in magazines and online. I try to find recipes that do not use a lot of ingredients since I do not carry that much in our pantry. I often make the recipe first just the way it is published. If I like it I try using shortcuts such as spice blends instead of various spices, quick cooking rice instead of regular rice, dried potatoes or hash browns instead of potatoes, etc.

I cut down the recipe into a size that feeds 2. It can always be doubled if you have company, but I normally do not have much room in the refrigerator to store leftovers.

This is an easy way to get quick meals on the table and also save ideas for using on the road. I find that I am less likely to spend money going out to eat if I have a lot of good recipes to make in my own galley.

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