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Fish Taco Salad

I had the most wonderful fish tacos at Tony's Crab Shack in Bandon, Oregon and wanted to make an RV friendly version I could enjoy when the Crab Shack was too far away for dinner. Tony starts with a soft corn tortilla piled with fresh local fish that is steamed then shredded so you get to taste how good it is. They add a layer of shredded cabbage and top it with a spicy pico de gallo. It is served with a wedge of lime and some spicy cayenne pepper-mayo dressing. These fish tacos are so good that a restaurant that makes outstanding crabs is just as famous for these tacos.

I find this salad is a refreshing way to eat local fish while I'm near the coast and to remember the coast when I'm at home.


 fresh local fish (your choice), cooked and shredded
 cabbage, sliced thin (or pre-made slaw mix)
 pico de gallo, salsa or chopped tomatoes, onions, peppers
 1 fresh lime
 tortilla chips
-=[ Dressing ]=- mayonnaise cayenne pepper lime juice


Build this salad right on the plates or bowls. Start with a layer of tortilla chips. Put several spoonfuls of fish on the chips then add a layer the shredded cabbage almost to the edge of the tortillas. Add the pico on top and garnish with a wedge of fresh lime.

A really good dressing for this salad is a simple mixture of mayonnaise, cayenne pepper and a small squeeze of lime juice. I add the cayenne to the mayonnaise in small amounts and mix well before tasting to get the right heat level. Allowing the mixture to sit for 5 or 10 minutes improves the flavor. Add the lime juice right before serving.

Serves: 2 to 4
Fish Cabbage No-Cook

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