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Food Storage Container

John Matthew.
My wife Shawn and I just finished last week a 7k mile trip from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to Glacier National Park, through the Rockies to New Mexico and back, and we found that the standard square gray plastic restaurant bus pans (often sold in two pack at Sams or any restaurant supply house) fit perfectly on the second shelf under the stove area in our Dodge 96 190 Popular Roadtrek. By adding a flexible plastic chopping board under the pan it slides effortlessly, and holds a wonderful volume of canned food in what becomes a large volume slide out drawer. We are also trying a conversion of our hanging wardrobe by installing inexpensive stackable plastic drawers, each drawer about the size of a shoe box (another Wal-Mart type product). Easily removed, this makes another five drawers for various items, while still leaving a little room for a couple of coats. Of course, we are relatively new to Roadtrek, having traveled about 260k miles in a 68 Westphalia. We still have empty cabinet space!

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