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Gluten-free Food From Home

Joan C Scanlon.
For those of us who cannot eat wheat-type (gluten) food it is a good idea to make gluten-free bread at home and store in Tupperware or other sealed container to bring on rallies. Be sure to keep it away from regular wheat type food in the van to prevent cross contamination. I buy gluten-free box cakes etc. and make them before I leave to have on hand while traveling. Many gluten-free frozen foods are also available but beware the refrigerator freezer is small. Many smaller grocery stores now carry some non-gluten food but the best prices are the large stores.

Editor note: Be careful when shopping. In the United States the term gluten-free is not yet regulated. Coeliac (celiac) disease can cause serious reactions to gluten even in very small amounts. Other cereals such as maize (corn), millet, sorghum, teff, amaranth, rice, and wild rice are safe for sufferers to consume, as well as non cereals such as quinoa or buckwheat. Non-cereal carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes and bananas do not contain gluten and do not trigger symptoms. Gluten-free products are usually more expensive and harder to find than common gluten-containing foods. Since ready-made products often contain traces of gluten, some coeliacs may find it necessary to cook from scratch.

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