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Good stuff from Trader Joes

Judy Bass.
If you are lucky enough to live near a Trader Joes, you can find lots of great things for your Roadtrek kitchen. The Trader Joes pre-made polenta comes in a plastic roll, and does not need refrigeration until after it is opened. We fry or grill a couple of slices to serve as a starch, or a light meal in itself with cheese and pasta sauce. On our last trip, we discovered two kinds of packaged precooked rice - a brown rice, and a white rice with Thai seasonings. We added the brown rice to soup and served the Thai rice as a side dish with grilled fish. Both are in boil-in bags, so you do not dirty any pots. Finally, there are a number of Indian dishes that also come in boil-in bags. You have to try a few to find your favorite, but they are flavorful and make great additions to your meal.

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