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Indian Tacos

Cathy Lea.
The first Indian Taco I ever had was some time in the 80's at the Eight Northern Pueblo Indian Arts Show at San Juan Pueblo in San Juan (now known as Okay Owingeh) New Mexico. An indian taco, often called a Navajo Taco, is a piece of frybread covered with additions including beans, hamburger, green or red chile, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and shredded cheese. It's a little piece of heaven for your mouth. They are served at all of the fairs and festivals in New Mexico and also at many restaurants. Each one is different, just like each batch of green or red chile is different (more about that in another entry).

A highlight of our first road trip through the Southwest was to eat a Navajo Taco on the Navajo Indian Reservation at Monument Valley, AZ in 1998. It was probably no different than any other Indian Taco, but just looking at the amazing red sandstone mesas and buttes in the otherwise empty desert made it taste like the best food I had ever eaten.

Another special Indian Taco is found at the Wooden Knife Cafe in Interior, South Dakota just outside of the Badlands National Park. We visited the cafe in 2001 having heard about it on the Food TV Network. They use a secret recipe for their frybread made from a root similar to a turnip. Unfortunately the cafe has closed but they sell their products online.

If you are traveling through the southwest United States don't miss an opportunity to try this delicious treat.

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