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Paperless Recipes

Barb Dalderis.
A couple of years ago I decided to organize my recipes. I had them in a pile waiting to be added to my three-ring binders. Then I realized that most of my new recipes were coming from sources (magazines, newspapers, Epicurious, RoadChef Cuisine, etc.) that are all available on the web. I would see a recipe that looked good and print it for the three-ringed binder. I had stacks of papers.

So I converted all my recipes to electronic format on my laptop. I did type in a few older recipes, but most I got directly from the web. Any recipe available on the web can be copied to a text file. I set up a main recipe folder and added sub folders (i.e. appetizers, entrees, side dishes, soup, etc.) for each of the categories. I also tag any recipe that I think will work while traveling in our Roadtrek, make ahead, good for a group, etc. Because the recipes are text, I can quickly search the files by ingredient or use. I also can read the recipe right off the laptop screen in the kitchen and no longer have to waste paper and ink printing the recipes.

It helps while traveling in the Roadtrek and when we stop and visit friends it is nice having my favorite recipes with me in a format that is easy to use and share. I find this system works so much better for me than the paper systems I have used in the past and it is easier to find what I am looking for.

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