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Rice Cooker Qualities

Judi Quan Rizzuto.
Pick a rice cooker with a coated non-stick pan, it makes cleanup easier and minimizes rice waste sticking to the sides of the pan or down the sink. Also it helps if it has a warm cycle. With a simple cook/warm cooker, wash the rice, let it sit for 30 minutes minimum, then cook. The cooker shuts off automatically and keep warm almost indefinitely. You want to let the rice sit for at least 10 minutes after the cook cycle is completed if your cooker is prone to leave a little too much moisture in the rice. My Roadtrek cooker is a bit fancy, fuzzy logic and all that. I set it and forget it until I am ready to serve in my rice bowls. Sadly, it takes too much power to use in a 300 Watt inverter, so this is only available when running the generator or connected to shore power.

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