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Runza Wraps

A traditional Runza is dough filled with simple things like hamburger, onions and cabbage then baked. On one of our road trips we found a regional chain of Runza restaurants [] in Nebraska. We really liked them! Since the closest Runza restaurant is well over 75 miles away from home I had to figure out how to make them myself. I started my copy of the recipe using store bought can biscuits for the dough, but that requires an oven which we do not have in our RV. So I decided that making the filling mixture and eating it in a wrap would be much less work and a whole lot faster. I used store bought flatbread warmed on the stovetop then stuffed with the Runza mixture. Not quite the same as eating a real Runza in Nebraska, but it sure is good.


 lean ground beef (90% lean or better)
 sliced cabbage (smaller pieces cook faster)
 chopped onion
 garlic powder
 salt and pepper
 flatbread, pita, flour tortilla or other wrap bread


In a pan with a lid, heat onions and ground beef until beef is just barely done. Add spices to taste. Add cabbage and a little water, just enough water so the cabbage will steam. Cover and cook until cabbage is tender. Place in some flatbread, a flour tortilla, a pita pocket or other bread suitable for wrapping. Fold over and enjoy.

A note about quantities. You can use just about any proportions you want from mostly meat to mostly veggie. I tend to use equal parts beef and cabbage with about half of whatever size onion I happen to have at the time. Using these proportions about half a pound of lean beef makes a nice meal for two.

This recipe is very flexible and you can freely include just about any vegetable you have handy. We have tried diced tomatoes (drained), diced bell peppers, sliced mushrooms, shredded carrots (cooked until soft) and even some left over mashed potatoes mixed in near the end. They all were wonderful in their own way. Feel free to be creative.

Serves: ?
Hamburger Cabbage Pita Stovetop

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