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Slow Cooker Topping Ideas

Cathy Lea.
Some creative people have been making recipes in their RV slow cooker that traditionally required an oven. I think this is amazing except the slow cooker does not give that nice oven-like crispy or crunchy topping which to me is very important. So I came up with a few suggestions how I get around the missing oven taste and texture.

• Brown breadcrumbs in a skillet with a little butter and add to the top of the dish right before serving. Panko crumbs are especially nice.
• Add Parmesan cheese to the breadcrumbs in the skillet after the breadcrumbs are browned to make a cheesy topping.
• Toast some nuts in a skillet to brown lightly and top with those for a crunchy topping.
• Top with crumbled crisp bacon. If you don't want the RV to smell like bacon you can buy the already cooked bacon at most grocery stores.
• Chow mein noodles need no extra preparation and add a nice crunch to many dishes not just Asian.
• And my favorite, crispy fried onions. Most grocery stores have Frenches™ or store brand fried onions in a can or bag. For a lower calorie variation try toasted onions from the Savory Spice Company.

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