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Three Course Meals In 30 Minutes

Frances Roberts.
My husband and I have been full timers for over a year now and in that year we have experimented with several methods of cooking... NONE of them involving our gas stove or oven. The LP and open flame used in an enclosed space really freaked me out. So we started out with prepackaged frozen microwave meals and that lasted about 2 weeks. We then moved on to Crockpot™ cooking which was okay in the cooler months but not so great for the warmer months. We then moved into using an electric skillet for cooking. It worked well, but was a major clean up at every meal. After a year of trying many things I found the amazing Stack Cooker by Tupperware® for the microwave that allows me to cook a three course meal all at once with no fuss or muss. It is light weight, time saving, easy to clean and the food is delicious. The set comes with 6 pieces that can be used for microwave baking, steaming, boiling, browning, serving and storing and a mix-n-match courses cookbook. I donated all of my pots and pans and heavy glass cookware and use this incredible set daily. You can find the stack cooker set at

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