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Time Saving Tips

Lucinda Shastid and Joe Zygala.
We cook in the RoadTrek just as we do at home, except we have learned to cook only one thing at a time. So first we cook the rice and let it sit while we cook something Chinese in the wok. Or first we microwave the baked potatoes and let them sit while we grill a steak and microwave the vegetable. Or first we brown the chicken or beef, add vegetables and sauce makings and let the whole thing simmer while we prepare the noodles. One thing can sit without attention while we cook another, but we can not actively prepare two dishes at once. One other thing that we find helpful is to do ALL the prep work before starting to cook. For instance, chop everything that needs to be chopped and put it in bowls until needed. Measure out everything that needs to be measured and put them aside, etc. Then you do not need to find a chopping space in the midst of cooking. We figure about an hour or an hour and a half to prepare dinner. But we enjoy cooking, so this is part of our evening relaxation.

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