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Vacuum Seal Bags

Patsy C.
When cooking for 1 or 2 people, I prepare meals ahead of time, divide the meal into one or two portion sizes and vacuum seal each portion or meal. The meals can be frozen or kept refrigerated for longer periods of time since all the air has been vacuumed from the bags. The bags take up less room in freezer or fridge. To reheat, simply place in boiling water or cut a small vent slit in bag and microwave.

Vacuum seal bags are also good to keep pantry staples fresher, last longer, and prevent freezer frost or burn.

To conserve bag usage, when cutting bag to needed size, cut off extra length than needed. Each time you cut off top sealed edge you still have enough length left to reseal.

Almost anything lasts longer when vacuum sealed: Flour, sugar, coffee, salt, cornmeal, cheese, meats, sauces, vegetables.

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