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Veracruz Coffee Liqueur (like Kahlua)

This tastes exactly like the Kahlua you would buy in the liquor store except thinner in consistency. I use this in parfaits, after dinner coffee or just to drink it. I know this is not something I would prepare in my RV, so I make it at home and put some in a smaller container to take on trips. This costs very little so sharing never hurts my wallet.


 1 quart 100 proof vodka (use an inexpensive brand)
 3 cups sugar
 1 cup light corn syrup
 4 cups water
 1 vanilla bean
 6 Tablespoons instant coffee (can use decaf)


In a large pot bring sugar and water to a boil stirring constantly until sugar is completely melted and water turns clear. Use a little cold water in the instant coffee to get it dissolved before adding to the sugar mixture. Put this mixture into gallon jug with the vanilla bean which has been split in half lengthwise. Store in dark closet for at least 30 days. Shake once a week to keep things from settling too much.

Serves: ?
Vodka Coffee No-Cook

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