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Vinegar Magic

Betty K.
Vinegar is a multipurpose kitchen tool. It works wonders and helps out around your RV kitchen in all kinds of ways.
  1. If you are scaling fresh fish, first rub a little vinegar over the fish. This fights the fishy odor by limiting bacteria growth and makes handling easier.
  2. Get your shine back. A half cup of white vinegar added to a gallon of rinse water will eliminate dull soap film and common water spots from glassware, flatware, sinks and showers.
  3. A little vinegar rubbed on your hands before and after slicing onions helps remove the odor of onions quickly.
  4. A little white vinegar rubbed on hands helps remove fruit stains.
  5. To get the last bit of mustard, mayonnaise or salad dressing out of jar, just dribble a little vinegar into the jar, put the cap on and shake.
  6. If an egg cracks while boiling, add a little vinegar to the water to reseal it.
  7. To tenderize beef brush all sides with a little vinegar. Let it set for five or ten minutes before cooking.
  8. If you peel more potatoes than you need to cook, store them in a covered bowl with enough cold water to completely cover then add a few teaspoons of vinegar. Keeps fresh and ready to cook for three to four days in the refrigerator.

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